StarBar is a multi-colored LED strip that replaces the original white LEDs in the Losi DBXL-E 2.0 and other rc vehicles. At a length of 147mm it contains a total of 9 LEDs with 20 pre-programmed patterns that you can select from. It's sure to grab the attention of anyone around! Use your smartphone to switch patterns and change colors. OR use an auxiliary switch on your transmitter to effortlessly switch between the patterns.


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You can demo some of the available patterns on the StarBar by selecting a pattern below.

Note: The demos are not 100% accurate, but they are very close.


  1. Off
  2. Solid Color
  3. Moving Bar
  4. Pulse from Center
  5. Dim-to-Bright
  6. Dim-to-Bright Chase
  7. Rainbow
  8. Orange/White #1
  9. Orange/White #2
  10. Orange/Red #1
  11. Caution #1
  12. Caution #2
  13. Police #1
  14. Police #2
  15. Police #3
  16. Joker #1
  17. Joker #2
  18. Joker #3
  19. Merica #1
  20. Merica #2
  21. Merica #3
  22. Merica #4

Remote Control Apps

Android users

Get it on Google Play

iPhone users:

Unfortunately the iOS app has not been developed yet. Please bare with me as I am 1 person building all of this myself. I intend on completing it here soon. If you want to use StarBar before the app is completed, you can use a 3rd party Bluetooth Terminal app to connect and send commands to the StarBar that will update the patterns and colors.


To install the StarBar in your vehicle you will need an empy auxillary channel on your receiver. Simply plug it in and mount the plastic case inside your vehicle and then use the existing Light Bar mount to fit the LEDs. For the Losi DBXL-E v2 I use Aux3 and then in my transmitter (DX5 Pro) I map a button to it. This should be a linear button, like a trim button, that you can move up and down. If you are able to set the steps for the button, I would recommend using 15. After you have setup the button in your transmitter you can now use it to switch patterns in your StarBar.

Note: You can not change pattern colors via the auxillary switch. For that you will need to use the Android or Iphone apps.


this usually happens when you do not replace the wire going to the receiver inside the vehicle. Your StarBar needs all 3 wires (power, ground, and data) going from the rx to the StarBar. If the data wire is missing, it will ouput random data and cause the patterns to change without any input from you.

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