Recapping EFFPVBBQ 2021

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We went BIG this year.

Last year was a great time with everyone but this year takes the cake... It blew up. It's a real event now.. We even had sponsors. Big ones at that... And I cant thank them enough. Rotor Riot, BQE, WoodchuckFPV, Apollo FPV Lounge, Racer X, IEFPV, Pyrodrone, and I know I am probably forgetting some others too but thank ya'll so much. And thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the event to make it what it was. Also I'm gonna name names.. Thank you so much to Maddy, Tracy, and Stacy (@FPVMama) for all of your help, we couldn't have done it without ya'll. Seriously. Y'all are the absolute best.

Not only was the food amazing but we also had contest and games and such too. A big change from the year before where it was just an open fly day.

Freestyle Contest

The first event of the day was a freestyle contest and boyyyy was it close!! There were some great runs but at the end the day Matt Burt (TRUB) walked away with the win and a brand new Radio Master TX16Z that was generously donated by the Apollo FPV lounge. You can check out the winning run over on the right with some of the other videos from the day.

Long Jumps & Drag Races

There was also a long jump competition as well as some great sand drag races for r/c cars that were put on by Southridge RC and RC Dead People and mann they tore it up. Some of them cars were just amazing. Full on r/c dragsters... I wont lie, I almost want one..

FPV Sack Race

My favorite part of the day, aside from the amazing food and friends, was a new game that we came up with. It was an FPV Sack Race. Yeahh you read that right, an fpv sack race. basically it's a sack race but in third person view through your fpv goggles. We put 2 drones (one analog and 1 digital) down at the finish line and everyone had to tune into one of them. The first person across the finish line won a $100 gift card that was donated by Pyrodrone. Jason Martinez won that one by a mile and a half. Only 2 people actually made it to the finish line!! They went in every-which direction, it was really fun to watch I was laughing hysterically and and so thankful that RiskyFPV got a great video of the whole thing. It's in the sidebar as well and I highly recommend you check it out because it's freakin hilarious.

Halloween party & Costume Contest

Last but not least because we had the BBQ on October 30th of this year, we also made it a Halloween party and had a costume contest. For that prize, WoodchuckFPV donated a 5" Wasp frame and Rotor Riot donated some Let's Fly RC 1850kv motors for it. So I decked it all out in my favorite color sheme (with some top-notch TPU prints by Chi Woodruff) and then had a stand made for it by Bobby Harman Designs to commemorate the win. It was a beast of a bind-and-fly 6S Wasp. Check out the promo video by Jason Moussa and Javier Lima, it's simply amazing. Great job guys!!

There were a lot of amazing costumes but one of them stood out among the crowd and that was Donald Merril's (Donlar FPV) human drone costume. In the words of Don.. To win the drone, you must become the drone.. and that he did. and It was effin great. I'm still in awe. like wow.


All in all it was amazing day and next year is going to be hard to top it but you can bet your butt we're going to try. I already have some big plans. Now we just need to set them in motion.. Stay posted and if you missed this one, I hope you won't miss the next because you're definitely missing out on a great time with some great food and some even greater people.

I love ya'll,
Until next year!!

Check out some of these awesome photos from the day!! Shout out to Brandon Yamawaki for taking them.


If you attended this year's EFFPVBBQ we would like to hear from you. Please take 5 minutes to fill out this short survey to helps us make next year's even that much better.


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