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Spooky Tooth - Oregon - West Coast Throwdown 2021

Had planned on camping this past weekend in Prospect, Oregon so that we could check out Crater Lake and it just so happened to be the same weekend as #WestCoastThrowdown in Roseburg, Oregon. And it was only 2 hours away!!

So... I did what any respectable drone nerd would do.. packed my shit and participated in the shenanigans! Was only there for a day but still had an absolute was great to meet a bunch of awesome new pilots in the process as well. Here's a little montage with clips from the whole trip starting off at Lake Shasta. Sadly by the time that I got down to the water.. my battery was complaining about low voltage so I had to turn it around.

Also decided that I need an adjustable GoPro mount too for that slow flying like I was doing at the #RogueRiver Gorge Overlook where I went under the log. I hate that the angle is so high (I fly with a 40deg camera angle) so you barely get to see the chaos that's below me. That rock was a lot closer than I expected it to be too!

Last but not least I want to give a YUGE shoutout to @evstylefpv for letting me use his GoPro for the weekend.

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