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Flying Regulations

This facility is designed to accommodate five general types of remotely controlled powered aircraft in 4 separate areas of the park.

  • Radio controlled fixed wing, heavier than one pound on the main runway.
  • Radio controlled fixed wing, one pound or less & R/C gliders North of the pit area.
  • Radio controlled helicopters and drones, South of the pit area
  • Control line flight in the designated U-Control circles

This facility does NOT accommodate free flight aircraft, Kites, rocketry of any kind; R/C cars or R/C trucks.

Radio Control Flight Rules

  1. All pilots must fly from one of the designated pilot stands.
  2. The frequency board will be used at all times and pilots must post their frequency usage with a card or I.D that contains their name or picture I.D.
  3. Open flying is restricted during scheduled events.
  4. No take offs and landings from the pit area, taxiways, or grass.
  5. 250 feet maximum flying altitude.
  6. Take-off and landings to be in the same direction according to the wind.
  7. Down-wind passes over the runway are prohibited when other aircraft are flying.
  8. Some sort of fuel recovery system must be used when fueling planes to avoid spillage.
  9. All pilots will follow taxiways directions as posted.
  10. Pilots will call out their intentions (landing, take-off, etc) and clear the runway quickly.
  11. There shall be no flying during facility mowing operations
  12. Flying over the Golf course, access roads or public roads is prohibited.
  13. Each type of aircraft must fly and pit within the area designated on the map for that type of vehicle. Fixed wing aircraft will have a standard left or right pattern depending on the wind.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in a citation, loss of flying privilege or both.

**Pilots please note, the Field is closed to open flying during all Valley Flyers Events.

Pilots must check-in to participate. A valid VF Club membership and/or AMA membership is required.

Become a member, visit for more information.

Designated Flying Areas

Frequency Chart

FPV Frequency Chart


Letter of Agreement as of 5/20/2020 with Van Nuys Air traffic Control & Valley Flyers to keep Apollo Field open

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